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Pris per speil. 2 og 3 mest valgte speilen.

1. 58x76

2. 74x126

3. 42x128

4. 36x120


Superior reflection referring to sharpness, natural colours and lightness


Because of our developed and optimised ion-ray process, our HAHNENKRATT mouth mirrors achieve a superior reflection.

For decades the success of HAHNENKRATT mouth mirrors is based on the use of always advanced production techniques. In high vacuum equipments there is generated with a 2 x 10-6 mbar electron-ray- evaporating a complex structure of layers, whose reflecting layer consists of pure Rhodium. Rhodium is as Gold or Platinum a precious metal.

Hahnenkratt Foto Speil

SKU: 13004
kr 1 259,00Pris
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